About Us

Abaad is a Saudi Arabian licensed company that specializes in providing real estate advisory and valuation services in compliance with the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers (Taqeem) and International Valuation Standards.

We have over 15 years’ experience in the local market and have worked on a full spectrum of projects, ranging from single plot land valuations to large scale mixed-use investment portfolios.

We have worked with the largest entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ranging from Government entities to investment banks and HNWI.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service, market leading reports and an efficient service.


To be a leading company in the real estate services sector in Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.


To elevate the real estate valuation profession by providing commitment and continuous improvement in our services, we offer trusted and high-quality valuation solutions to help our clients make informed decisions confidently.


ACCURACY: We are committed to providing precise and reliable real estate valuations, ensuring accuracy in every assessment.
BALANCE: We aim to be fair and equal in our valuation. We consider various factors to make sure our assessments are unbiased.
ADAPTABILITY: In the ever-changing real estate world, we’re flexible and quick to adjust to meet our clients’ and the market’s needs.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We hold ourselves responsible for delivering trustworthy and transparent valuation services.
DEPENDABILITY: we believe that reliability is the most important source in building trustworthy and sustainable relationships, and we are committed to being your solid, dependable partner in real estate valuation.

Our Distinctive Features

Customer Centricity: Fostering Long-Term and Sustainable Client Relationships.
Efficiency: Embracing Global Perspectives while Executing Locally through “Glocalization”.
Reliability: Offering Substantial Resources and a Comprehensive Range of Services.
Experience: Established Local Market Presence with Profound Insights into KSA Cities and Communities.

Our Team

The success of Abaad relies on the outstanding quality, experience, and practice of our team, in what they specialize in, and in their local and international accumulated practical experience in real estate valuation specifically. This forms an added value that contributes to applying our promised values and builds more credibility and reliability.
We at Abaad strive to enrich and develop our highly qualified cadres that cater to our partners according to the market needs, and to be their dependable partner.


Eng. Ammar Sindi

Chief Executive Officer

The company’s journey began carrying a fundamental pillar that works as a strategic goal in which Abaad seeks to accomplish. Providing real estate valuation services according to the highest quality standards is our priority.


Abaad, made sure to keep up with the authority programs to develop a better understanding of the valuation career when it comes to provide training and qualifying those who are practicing the valuation operations.

In Abaad, we embarked on our journey into the real estate valuation sector with a strong position and quickly became the front runners. With a team of specialist valuers in the company, a strong advisory panel with international experience,

and a reputable foothold in the local market, we have been committed to ensuring that our clients, investors, and stakeholders receive top-tier advisory services.

Our methodologies align seamlessly with the International Valuation Standards IVS, fully endorsed by the Saudi Authority for Accredited Valuers “Taqeem.” More than just offering services, we partner with our clients, aligning our expertise to their strategic objectives and ensuring a smoother roadmap towards achieving their desired outcomes


Eng. Ammar Qutub


Our dedication and tenacity are mirrored in the consistent achievement of our company’s milestones.

This has cemented Abaad’s position as a leading provider of real estate valuation and consulting services in Saudi Arabia.

The commendable efforts of every team member and all our collaborators have been instrumental in shaping our successful journey so far.

As we chart our course ahead, we remain committed to our values, propelling us toward greater ambitions and goals.

Meet The Team

Yousuf Abdullah


Majed Bokhami

Finance Unit Manager

Majd Salloum

Senior Analyst

Shuaib Shareef

Senior Analyst